General Info

Program Eligibility

Participants must be within the age range stated in the program listings to help ensure safety and program continuity.

Interested in Teaching a Class?

If you have a talents or special skill that is fun And exciting, we invite you to contact us for the opportunity to share it with the community. We are always looking for new and exciting program opportunities to offer. Please contact the CRC at (708) 798-8497.

Volunteers Needed

The Country Club Hills Parks and Recreation Department is always seeking volunteers to help in our programming opportunities. Our youth sports programs specifically have always thrived on the support of willing volunteers giving their time as coaches and team parents. The use of volunteers helps keep the programs cost effective and promotes community involvement. If you are over the age of 18 and wish to volunteer your services or know of someone else who seeks to assist in the community, please contact the Community Recreation Center at (708) 798-8497 or stop by our office at 4709 W. 179th Street.

Text Alerts

The City of Country Club Hills is now using a Text Alert Program to keep residents informed of upcoming events and activities in your community as well as notification of any emergencies in the city. Please take a moment to register your cell phone by texting CCHCity or CCHParks to 90210 and Stay Alerted!

Our Apologies

The Country Club Hills Parks and Recreation Department makes every effort to create our program guide and advertisement pieces as accurately as possible, however, mistakes can and sometimes happen. In the event a program is listed in correctly, the City of Country Club Hills reserves the right to make adjustments to the programs, fees, schedules, etc. We apologize for any inconveniences errors of this type may cause.

Park Rules for Your Safety and Protection

1. In order to assure the safety of guests in playground, picnic and Athletic areas, the City of Country Club Hills Parks and Recreation Department STRICTLY PROHIBITS GLASS in our parks or facilities at any time.
2. Dogs must be on a leash and owners must clean up after them.
3. Driving or Parking of any motorized vehicles, including motorcycles IS PROHIBITED in any grass area or athletic field at any time.
4. All parks CLOSE AT DUSK.
5. No weapons of any type are permitted in any of our parks facilities at any time except by the police. These include knives, sling shots, BB guns or guns in a case.
6. No Littering or Profane Language permitted in the parks or facilities at any time.

Broken Equipment

The City of Country Club Hills Parks and Recreation Department asks that you immediately report any broken equipment in our parks and other facilities by contacting the Community Recreation Center at (708) 798-8497. Doing your part to report these issues helps us to better support you and keep our parks and facilities operational and safe at all times.

Parking in Our Parks

Parking or driving on the grass is NEVER PERMITTED at any of our parks or facilities. Violators can and will be ticketed for failure to adhere to these guidelines.

Park Rentals

Parks are available to rent to RESIDENTS ONLY with photo ID and proof of residency.
Cost of rentals is $125 for the day (10:00 a.m. – dusk).
Parks do not have electricity. Residents choosing to bring a generator, must provide proof of insurance before the generator is allowed.
Park Rental does not include the use of an Athletic Field or Tennis Court as part of the Rental. These are separate permits and require an additional fee.
Further details regarding Park Rentals are available on the Park Facility Usage Request Form or by calling the Community Recreation Center at (708) 798-8497.
1st Day of Registration for 2015 Park Permits is Monday, March 30, 2015.


If you wait until the last minute to register for a program or activity, the program or class you want may no longer be available. At some point we have to determine if enrollment is sufficient to hold a class. If you wait too long the class may have to be cancelled due to low enrollment.