The City of Country Club Hills operates under the Mayor/Council form of government, pursuant to Chapter 65 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, with a City Manager established by Ordinance. The Mayor, Treasurer and City Clerk are elected at large to represent all of the wards of the City. The Mayor, also, serves as Liquor Commissioner of the City.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City’s organization. He presides at all meetings of the City Council and establishes the agenda for same.  In cooperation with the City Council, he establishes the policy direction for the City. The Mayor appoints the City Manager, with the advice and consent of the City Council. Similarly, he appoints the Chief of Police, Hearing Officers, Budget Director, Boards and Commissions and the City Collector.

The Treasurer is responsible for the investment program of the City. The Treasurer operates under the framework of the City’s investment policy, the goal of which is to maximize the City’s return on investments in a risk-free, collateralized environment.

The City Clerk is the keeper of the original records and documents of the City. She processes the minutes of the City Council meetings and maintains ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council, as well as information related to bid openings, voter registration and all matters related to municipal and general elections.