Boards & Commissions

911 Board

The 911 Board is responsible for assessing and, subsequently, increasing our City’s ability to receive emergency services in the fastest possible time. This board evaluates the newest technologies in communication for use during emergency situations.

Blood & Organ Donor

The Country Club Hills Blood and Organ Donation Commission is responsible for organizing, promoting, and volunteering at our City’s quarterly City Wide Blood Drives. It also promotes the importance of blood and organ donation by making its presence known at … Continue reading

Cable Commission

The Country Club Hills Public Access Cable Commission is responsible for video taping City Council meetings and preparing them for replay each week. In addition to the City Council meetings, the Cable Commission video tapes many of the City’s special … Continue reading

Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts Commission promotes the availability of cultural experiences in the City and the enhancement of our community through the arts. This commission’s responsibilities include cataloging the paintings and various works of art in City Hall , sponsoring the … Continue reading


The Emergency Services Disaster Assistance group, also known as E.S.D.A., is one of the largest groups of its kind in the southern suburbs. Winner of the coveted Governors Hometown Award, E.S.D.A. was formed to give traffic and crowd control assistance … Continue reading

Economic Development

The Economic Development Commission meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall. This Commission promotes and conducts business attraction and retention activities, reviews all development plans for aesthetic and economic impact, and researches new … Continue reading


The Electrical Commission was created to review the City’s Electrical Code and recommend changes when ever necessary. The Electrical Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.


The Environmental Commission is responsible for many important functions in the City, including sponsorship of the annual Beautification Awards program, Earth Arbor Day program, and Holiday House Decorating Contests. This commission also provides educational programs and materials to support recycling, … Continue reading

Explorer Program

Formed in March,1998, this group of high school and college age students receive various kinds of training from Country Club Hills Police Officers, as well as other Law Enforcement officials. The Explorers learn what it takes to be a Police … Continue reading

Fish Commission

The Fish commission in Country Club Hills is responsible for studying and charting the more-than thirty lakes and ponds in Country Club Hills. With knowledge of the different species of fish inhabiting each of these bodies of water, the Commission … Continue reading


The Historic Commission purpose is to develop a written history of Country Club Hills, and prepare elements for the future use at the historical Stelter Farm. Every person creates a story of their own from the time they move here. … Continue reading

Housing Authority

The Country Club Hills Housing Authority promotes fair housing practices. This Commission operates a Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program, which consists of the purchasing, rehabilitation, and eventual selling of abandoned HUD homes. This program has been in existence for ten … Continue reading

Pastoral Commission

The Pastoral Commission was formed in 2005 and is the newest Commission in Country Club Hills. Each member of the Pastoral Commission is the leader/director of a congregation that has a building located within the corporate limits of the City. … Continue reading


The Plan Commission develops The Comprehensive Plan and Land use map for the City and provides guidance to property owners, developers, and citizens regarding land use. They also review all development plans, and make recommendations to the City Council. The … Continue reading

Police & Fire Commission

This Commission is responsible for testing, screening and creating an eligibility list for vacancies in the Police and Fire Departments.

Senior Citizen Commission

The Senior Commission informs Country Club Hills seniors about health benefits, special programs and special community events for senior citizens. Its members hold an Open House, Health Fair and various other events each year in the lower level of City … Continue reading

Theater Commission

The Theater Commission was established to examine all aspects of past and current operations of the theater, review direct and indirect revenues generated by the theater during past years. The Theater Commission should meet from time to time (at least … Continue reading


The Veterans Commission addresses issues that concern military veterans of Country Club Hills and their families. The Veterans Commissioners also conduct research in order to provide information relative to education and burial benefits, as well as civic activities. The Veterans … Continue reading


The Youth Commission was created to address the needs of the youth in the City of Country Club Hills. This Commission is expanding at a fast pace and continues to hold events that cater to young people. Over the past … Continue reading

Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) deals with a wide array of building permits and code concerns. They are prepared to assist any homeowner and/or business with expansion or the building of a new structure. This board also developed the … Continue reading