Anonymous Tip Line – SWORN


Chief of Police’s Hotline: (708) 206-2899
Detective Division: (708) 798-3191

The Silent Warrior’s Observation and Reporting Network was developed to enlist the hundreds of eyes and ears of citizens of the City of Country Club Hills who, under normal circumstances, would not involve themselves in crime fighting. The program guarantees complete anonymity to all callers.

Many members of our community see and hear things, 24 hours a day, seven days a week that they know should be addressed by law enforcement. But, because these good people fear reprisal from those participating in the activity, they stand quietly by and reluctantly turn a blind eye or deaf ear. We certainly can understand and appreciate the reluctance of these people. However, to rid our community of problems the Police Department must be made aware that problems exist and where. Thus, the need for SWORN.

SWORN only requires that the caller anonymously call the Chief of Police’s Hotline: (708) 206-2899, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The caller will be prompted to leave a detailed voice message. There will not be any interaction between the caller and another person, regardless to the time and/or day of the call. This hotline is directly to the Chief of Police and can only be accessed by the Chief of Police. This will further assure anonymity to callers. At no time will Police contact a caller unless the callers leave his/her name and requests to be contacted for follow-up.

Information will be retrieved from the message center by the Chief of Police, entered into a database, prioritized and responded to as quickly as possible.


Callers with information about crimes can call the Country Club Hills Detective Division, 708-798-3191 and anonymously give information