The mission of the Country Club Hills Police Department’s Detective Division is that we dedicate ourselves to providing thorough investigations while protecting victim’s rights. The primary objective of the Detective Division is to reduce the rate of crime by arresting those responsible for committing crimes in our community.

The primary function of the Detective Division is to conduct follow up investigations of crimes based on verbal reports made by a citizen to a patrol officer; a report is generated and written. The patrol shift supervising Sergeant reviews the report and forwards the report to the Detectives. Not all cases are automatically assigned to the Detectives. Only the cases that meet certain criteria merit a follow-up investigation, and that criteria includes:
• Burglaries
• Assaults/Battery
• Robbery
• Homicides or any suspicious or unattended or violent deaths
• Sex crimes
• Auto theft
• Financial / Computer crimes
• Home invasions
• Missing persons
• Sex offender registrations
• Narcotics investigations
• Juvenile Crimes

The Detective Division is also responsible for crime scene investigations and collecting evidence. The entire Division is trained as evidence technicians. The Detective Division is also responsible for interviewing witnesses and suspects. In addition, they meet with other area law enforcement agencies including local, state, and federal to pool their information on criminal activity in their jurisdictions.

Members of the Detective Division are assigned to several different Task Forces:
• South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force
• Cook County Gang Task Force
• Net 3 Tactical Unit
• ILEAS (Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System)
• NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers)

For any questions please contact the Detectives Division at 708-798-3191.