Senior – Disabled ID Bracelet

The city of Country Club Hills offers Seniors along with Disabled persons Emergency Identification Bracelets. These bracelets are offered to Country Club Hills residents only, who are Seniors or Disabled for $5.00.  These bracelets can be used by emergency personnel to locate your pertinent information in the event of a medical or police emergency to better assist you. Residents are able to download the registration forms or pick them up in person at the Police Department. Once the forms are completed, they can be turned in at the Police Department by appointment and a bracelet will be issued.

** Please note there is an initial enrollment form and an information update form (for those already enrolled who want to update their information). Please complete the correct form and call the police department at 708-798-3191 x2 for an appointment.

View/Download ID Form as a separate PDF page

View/Download ID Update Form as a separate PDF page