Police Explorer Program

Formed in March,1998, this group of high school and college age students receive various kinds of training from Country Club Hills Police Officers, as well as other Law Enforcement officials. The Explorers learn what it takes to be a Police Officer, including the importance of written communication, the legal implications of law enforcement, and traffic safety.

The Police Explorers can be seen at City functions and fundraisers. Their duties include community service, distributing food, and assisting Police. Residents may even see Police Explorers raising money for the Country Club Hills Teen Fund. For any questions please contact Sgt Harris at 708-798-3191 x2.

Mission statement:

To inspire an understanding and appreciation of the criminal justice system, and the professional ethics applied to law enforcement.

The Country Club Hills Police Department has successfully sponsored a Police Exploring group for many years. Operated in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, the Police Explorer program is open to young men and women ages 14 through 20. The bimonthly meetings include training in many aspects of law enforcement, community events and emergency response.

Membership requirements:

1. Member must be between the ages of 14-20 years old.
2. It shall be required that applicants be of good health, good moral habits, and shall not have been convicted of any serious crime, prior to and once becoming an Explorer.
3. Must pay yearly dues of $25.00 to the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post #2668.
4. All members must review the rules and regulations of this post. Every member shall abide by them and sign a contract.
5. An application, fingerprints and photograph shall be completed for each applicant.
6. All applicants must pass a background check, oral interview and maintain at least a C grade point average at their school.
7. A probationary period of 3 months is required and upon successful completion, the applicant prospect shall be appointed Explorer. During this probationary period, the prospect shall be evaluated on performance, loyalty, attitude and attendance in and out of the post.
8. Each Explorer must participate in recruit training classes held at specific dates and times.
9. Each Explorer must put in at least 8 hours of work time plus meetings per month.
10. Parental approval must be indicated by parent’s signature on application.


The Country Club Hills Police Explorer Program is now accepting applications.  For those interested please fill out the online form below and you will be contacted by Sgt. Harris for further.  The paper application will be completed at a later time.

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