Citizen's Police Academy

The Country Club Hills Police Department is now hosting a Citizen’s Police Academy that is open to all ages 21 and over at no cost. This academy holds meetings once a week for 4 weeks. The academy focuses to inform … Continue reading

Community Newsletter

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Crime Free Housing

CRIME FREE RENTAL HOUSING Sine 2009, the City of Country Club Hills has had an Ordinance in effect that governs residential rental property. All property owners / landlords are required to license their property and attend a training seminar. Topics … Continue reading

Curfew Ordinance

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS CURFEW ORDINANCE 7.1.01 CHILDREN ON STREETS AT NIGHT: No person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age shall be present at or upon any public assembly building, place, street, or highway within the City during … Continue reading

Employment Opportunities

At this time the City of Country Club Hills is accepting applications for the position of Entry Level Full-Time Police Officer.  SEE JOB POSTING LINK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ( Below are SOME of the current requirements for the position of a … Continue reading

Neighborhood Response Team (NRT)

The Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) is a specialized unit within the Patrol Division of the Country Club Hills Police Department. It operates on the basis of community-policing and crime prevention principles. The NRT is responsible for resolving various neighborhood concerns ranging from … Continue reading

Police Explorer Program

Formed in March,1998, this group of high school and college age students receive various kinds of training from Country Club Hills Police Officers, as well as other Law Enforcement officials. The Explorers learn what it takes to be a Police … Continue reading

Senior - Disabled ID Bracelet

The city of Country Club Hills offers Seniors along with Disabled persons Emergency Identification Bracelets. These bracelets are offered to Country Club Hills residents only, who are Seniors or Disabled for $5.00.  These bracelets can be used by emergency personnel … Continue reading

Senior Police & Fire Academy Registration

The Country Club Hills Police and Fire departments offer a yearly Senior Academy that is open to all seniors at no cost. The yearly academy is held every year, with meetings being once a week for 6 weeks. The academy … Continue reading