Building Department/Community Development

Country Club Hills Building Department/Community Development

The Country Club Hills Community Development Department is responsible for issuance of all necessary building permits and enforcement of all building, housing, health, planning and zoning matters through the Building Commissioner.


Community Development & Building Department
City Hall
4200 Main St.
(708) 798-2616

Please email the Building Department for more detailed information.

Building Permits

A building permit grants legal permission to start construction. To apply for a building permit, an application must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Building Commissioner. Many minor renovations and/or household repair projects may not require a building permit. Permits are required for the following:
•Construction of new building- structural additions, alterations and demolitions
•Alarm systems
•Electrical and plumbing installations
•Fences, decks, covered patios, garages and sheds
•Air conditioning systems and fireplaces
•In-ground swimming pools.
Permit applications can be found here:

2022 Fee Increases

Property Maintenance

All property within the City must be kept in good condition, in accordance with City Codes. The City has a regionally recognized housing inspection program which ensures that all homes in the City are well maintained. Violations of the Code are handled through the Code Enforcement department of Community Development.

Weeds and Lawn Care

No person owning or having lawful control of real property within the City shall permit any weeds, grass, or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers or ornamental plants, to grow to a height exceeding eight inches.
Any such weeds or plants shall be considered a nuisance. The City will serve a notice to the owner or occupant demanding the cutting of such weeds or plants within seven days.

Call J.U.L.I.E before you dig!

Before any digging projects begin, please call JULIE (Joint Utility Locator Information or Excavatoirs) at 1 (800) 892-0123. This free service allows for the location of utility lines-gas, electric, phone and cable, prior to any excavation project.

Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs within a residential area must conform to certain regulations. Real estate signs for the sale or lease of a building on a lot must be permitted by the City (via a purchased sign permit for $35), have a total sign area of no larger than three square feet, and be placed parallel to and three feet from the front of the main building or landscaping. Real estate signs within a residential area for the sale of vacant land property must also be permitted by the City (via a purchased sign permit) and be no closer than five feet from the public right-of-way.


Some areas of the City require the use of curb-side mailboxes. Before erecting any mailbox, especially masonry, brick, or stone structures, please contact the Building Department. In many cases, a permit is required. The City retains the right to remove any mailbox that is in non-compliance of City Codes.

RPZ systems

All commercial buildings must have a Reduced Pressure Zone (R.P.Z.) valve installed in addition to a water meter. These RPZ valves protect the water system in our City. In addition, all lawn irrigation systems must also have an RPZ backflow valve installed. These valves must be certified annually, in cooperation with plumbing ordinance code #18.702.

Flood Information

FLOOD PROTECTION INFORMATION In conjunction with the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the following articles containing flood protection information, are being made available to all Country Club Hills residents. Your property may be high enough that it has not ever … Continue reading

Permits, Fees and Contractor Licensing

2022 Fee Increases   Permit Application as of 2022   Contractors Licensing as of 2022