Crime Prevention Tips – Vehicles

The Country Club Hills Police Investigations Division would like to share a few crime prevention tips to empower you and your family against crime.  First off, make yourself a “hard target”!  Never provide the easy opportunity for your vehicle to be burglarized, ensure your vehicle doors and windows are secure at all times.  Outdoor lights and motion sensors in the driveway of your home can be a deterrent to criminal activity.  Never leave valuables in your vehicle in plain view as you can make your vehicle a more wanted target than others.  Never leave your vehicle running unattended with the keys in it, not even for 1 minute especially at your residence or at a store like a gas station, it only takes moments for your vehicle to be stolen.  Also be mindful that with newer keyfob type vehicles, your vehicle can be driven away if running even if the keyfob is not inside of the vehicle.  Please report any suspicious behavior or subjects to 911 as your calls can be extremely helpful in alerting us to potential criminal activity.  Please take the time and help prevent crime!