Crime Prevention Tips – May 2017

This month’s crime prevention tips focus on spring and summer safety. Keep the following safety tips in mind as the weather changes to help make this a great summer!

• Do not leave your vehicle unattended with it’s windows down or doors unlocked. Secure your vehicle AT ALL TIMES, EVEN AT HOME!
• If your vehicle is parked outside overnight, be sure to keep it in a lighted area as a deterrent.
• Make sure all valuables are out of sight or removed from your vehicle.
• Do not leave children or pets left unattended in vehicles. Please note temperatures inside of a vehicle can be considerably warmer than the temperature outside. Excessive heat can cause serious injury or death.

• If you are going out of town, you can notify the Police Department and set up a vacation watch.
• Make sure your home is locked up and secure.
• Stop your mail or have family/friends retrieve it for you.
• Set a light on a timer inside of your home to create the appearance of activity inside.
• Exterior motion sensor lighting can aide in deterring crime.
• Keep valuables away from public view through a window etc.  Place valueables in a safe if possible.
• Do not post your vacation plans on social media.

• Check your bike to make sure the tires are inflated and the brakes are working. Put reflectors on the front and back of your bike.
• Wear your safety helmet and pads for protection.
• If you ride on the street, keep to the right and follow all traffic signs.
• Be on the lookout for traffic, yield to vehicles and signal when turning.
• Use the crosswalks and yield to pedestrians. If you have to cross at an intersection, look both ways and walk your bike to the other side.
• Stay alert and watch out for hazards.
• When you park your bike, make sure you lock it up. Register your bike and serial number with the Police Department.