Senior & Disabled Snow Removal

The City of Country Club Hills is proud to offer free-of-charge driveway snow removal for qualified seniors. This program is offered under the following provisions:

1. The current snowfall reaches or exceeds 2 inches.
2. Snow plowing is done AFTER City streets are cleared.
3. Snow plowing is done Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. only. Holidays and weekends are excluded from the program.
4. Salting is NOT part of the program.
5. Sidewalks are NOT part of the program.
6. The City assumes no liability for damage to persons or property from snow removal.

Driveways will be plowed at random. Equipment is available under the discretion of the Superintendent of Public Works. There is NO Guarantee that your driveway will be plowed at the time you would like. We will try, however, to accommodate everyone’s needs. In order to be eligible for this program you must be retired, 65 years of age or older and a homeowner with no able bodied persons in your residence.