Code Enforcement

All properties located within the City limits must be properly maintained according to the guidelines that have been outlined in the City’s Property Maintenance Code. If code violations are cited, the inspector will indicate the remedies necessary to comply with the City’s codes and specify the time frame in which the necessary repairs must be made. It is a violation of the City’s Property Maintenance Code for any property to be sold, transferred, leased or otherwise disposed of until the provisions of the compliance order or notice of the violation are in compliance.

General Requirements
Exterior surfaces must be protected from wind, rain and snow by painting, staining, sealing, siding or the use of other weather tight materials to prevent deterioration.

Fences, garages, sheds retaining walls and refuse enclosures must be structurally sound and free of loose, bent, broken, deteriorated or missing materials.

Grass shall be kept and maintained lower than eight inches.