The City of Country Club Hills Welcomes its Newest Friends

Dear New Residents:

The residents of Country Club Hills, the City Council, City Staff and I welcome you to your new home.

In this, our sixty-fifth year of incorporation as a city, let me introduce you to our motto: The New Country Club Hills, Honoring Our Heritage While Embracing Our Future! Once a settlement for immigrant farmers, this thriving 21st century community has evolved into the gem of the south suburbs. Watch for additional exciting economic development as we begin our next half century.

We know that moving into a new neighborhood, establishing a new home, attending a new school and making new friends are not too easy. We know because we have all experienced that feeling ourselves at one time or another. For that reason, we offer our hand in welcome and friendship.

Country Club Hills is a City of concerned and friendly people. You can be assured that if we work together in harmony, you will get more than the value of your investment in you new home.

Again, welcome!

We hope that your move to the City of Country Club Hills will be the most rewarding and happiest decision that you and your family have made.


James W. Ford


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