Crime Prevention Tips – May 2017

This month’s crime prevention tips focus on spring and summer safety. Keep the following safety tips in mind as the weather changes to help make this a great summer!

• Do not leave your vehicle unattended with it’s windows down or doors unlocked. Secure your vehicle AT ALL TIMES, EVEN AT HOME!
• If your vehicle is parked outside overnight, be sure to keep it in a lighted area as a deterrent.
• Make sure all valuables are out of sight or removed from your vehicle.
• Do not leave children or pets left unattended in vehicles. Please note temperatures inside of a vehicle can be considerably warmer than the temperature outside. Excessive heat can cause serious injury or death.

• If you are going out of town, you can notify the Police Department and set up a vacation watch.
• Make sure your home is locked up and secure.
• Stop your mail or have family/friends retrieve it for you.
• Set a light on a timer inside of your home to create the appearance of activity inside.
• Exterior motion sensor lighting can aide in deterring crime.
• Keep valuables away from public view through a window etc.  Place valueables in a safe if possible.
• Do not post your vacation plans on social media.

• Check your bike to make sure the tires are inflated and the brakes are working. Put reflectors on the front and back of your bike.
• Wear your safety helmet and pads for protection.
• If you ride on the street, keep to the right and follow all traffic signs.
• Be on the lookout for traffic, yield to vehicles and signal when turning.
• Use the crosswalks and yield to pedestrians. If you have to cross at an intersection, look both ways and walk your bike to the other side.
• Stay alert and watch out for hazards.
• When you park your bike, make sure you lock it up. Register your bike and serial number with the Police Department.


Crime Prevention Tip – November 2016

This month’s crime prevention tip focuses on holiday gifts. Due to the holiday season, many people receive or order gifts by mail. These packages are often left stacked in front of a residence for hours before being retrieved by the homeowner. Packages are often stolen during daylight hours, and sometimes are not noticed missing for days by the homeowner. To help prevent your packages from being stolen, have them delivered to an alternate location if you know you will not be home to receive them. You can request signature delivery, and keep track of your shipments to know when they should be at your home. Be sure to keep the exterior of your home lighted to deter criminals. Also make sure to secure your home, and keep the packages/gifts inside of your residence out of view from windows. Take the time and help prevent crime this holiday season!

Cold Case Files – Ben Perry

DATE OF CRIME: October 10th, 2014
VICTIMS:  Ben Perry
RACE: Black
LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 19025 Laramie, Country Club Hills
INFORMATION: Ben Perry was discovered deceased in his home on the listed date. His death has been ruled a homicide.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Country Club Hills Police Department Detectives Division at: 708-798-3191.

Crime Prevention Tip – August 2015

This month’s crime prevention tip focuses on securing your property, and in particular your vehicles.  When your vehicle is not in use, take the time to secure your vehicle and park it in your garage if possible.  Make sure the windows are rolled up, every door is locked and the alarm is set.  Remove all valuable items from your vehicle and at the very least keep them out of sight.  Criminals tend to “pull handles” to see if they can find an open door which gives them access to the inside of your vehicle.  This “handle pulling” activity can take place anywhere at anytime, including parking lots and even your own driveway in the middle of the day or night.  If your vehicle needs to be parked outside, try to park it in a visibly lighted area.   Take the time to ensure your vehicle is secure before you leave it, don’t become a victim.

Cold Case Files – Leon & Minnie Taylor

DATE OF CRIME: January 29, 2009
VICTIMS:  Leon Taylor & Minnie Taylor
GENDER: Male & Female
RACE: Black
AGE AT TIME OF INCIDENT: Leon 77, Minnie 75
LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 17700 Block of Country Club Drive
INFORMATION: Leon and Minnie Taylor were discovered deceased in their home on the listed date. They were last seen several days prior, and their deaths have been ruled homicides.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Country Club Hills Police Department Detectives Division at: 708-798-3191.